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ASSET PRESERVATION: A comprehensive plan must be built on a solid foundation. A proper asset protection strategy will address the most critical components of your financial plan by managing the following risks inherent to your ever-changing world:

Cash Management: More than just keeping a balanced checkbook, cash management includes preparing and following a budget, using credit wisely, and maintaining adequate cash reserves for short-term or unplanned expenses.

Risk Management: There are many potential risks to our health, wealth, life, and property that we simply cannot predict. These risks make it necessary to create and implement the proper planning strategies to give us the confidence that our financial plan can withstand the uncertainty life throws at us.

Insurance Planning: Properly designed insurance programs should be used to protect you and your family’s assets against the risk of premature death or disruptions in your ability to earn a living. We work with our clients to perform an in-depth analysis of their insurance needs, and determine the proper amounts and types of coverage to carry.

WEALTH ACCUMULATION: Most individuals and families place a high priority on building and accumulating assets for a variety of reasons. Whether the goal is retirement, funding education costs for children or grandchildren, or planning to purchase a home, we recognize the importance of clearly defining these objectives. We develop custom analysis and recommendations to help each client to achieve their goals, while minimizing the impact of taxes & fees as much as possible.

Financial Independence: You may have a vision of retirement that includes doing all of the things that you never seem to have time to do now- travel, hobbies, volunteer work, or time with the family. But how will you plan for that vision?

Social Security benefits may not provide enough income for your retirement years, and few employers today offer traditional pension plans to guarantee income in retirement. People are living longer than ever, and the costs of long-term care and medical insurance have skyrocketed in recent years. Such eye-opening trends make sound retirement planning critical in order to ensure that our golden years are indeed golden.

Here's the good news: retirement planning is more effective than it used to be, thanks to the detailed planning & forecasting resources available. We help our clients clearly define their retirement vision, and create a customized road-map to help get them there.

Investment Management* :  Stocks, Bonds, Exchange-Traded Funds, Mutual Funds, Alternatives, Managed Accounts- the list goes on... With so many options available, it can be difficult to know if you’re using the right blend of investments to reach your goals. Adding to the challenge are ever-changing tax laws, economic factors, and market volatility.

We work with our clients to set targeted investment goals consistent with their financial planning objectives and instill the confidence & discipline to stick to the plan, even in difficult market conditions. We build individually customized portfolios that closely align with our clients’ risk tolerance and investment time horizon and manage risk through prudent investment selection and asset allocation.

As your needs & goals change, you may want to update your investment strategy, so we work with you to review your portfolio at least once a year--more frequently if the market is particularly volatile-- or when there have been significant changes in your life. It’s all part of an ongoing effort to help you achieve your financial goals, and we strive to be a trusted resource working in your best interest every step of the way.

Education Funding: There's no denying the benefits of a college education: the ability to compete in today's highly-specialized job market, increased earning power, and expanded horizons. But these advantages come at a price. You have only so much time to save for college, and there are a wide array of programs available for education funding- all of which have their benefits and drawbacks. We help our clients plan for their children’s, and grandchildren’s, education in a manner that is consistent with their overall financial plan.

LEGACY PLANNING: You've worked hard over the years to build wealth. Legacy planning can ensure that after you pass, the assets you leave behind may continue to be a source of support for your family, friends, or causes that are important to you. But to ensure that your legacy reaches your heirs as you intend, you must make the proper arrangements. We work with you to develop your plan, and help coordinate the necessary documentation to help make it a reality.

Estate Planning: Estate planning is a process designed to manage and preserve your assets while you’re alive, and to conserve and control their distribution after your death. Depending on your goals, estate planning can take on many different characteristics. Your age, health, wealth, lifestyle, and many other factors determine your particular estate planning needs. To understand what estate planning means to you, we discuss these issues within the context of your financial plan, ensuring that planning and estate issues are all closely aligned.

Charitable Giving: Charitable giving can play an important role in many estate plans. Philanthropy not only gives great personal satisfaction, but allows you and your beneficiaries to enjoy many tax benefits.

There are many ways to give to charity- during your lifetime, or at your death. We help our clients develop and implement charitable giving strategies that fit in with their financial goals, and make a positive and lasting impact on the world!